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Understanding Data Recovery Prices in Dubai

In an era dominated by digital information, the loss of crucial data can be a daunting experience. Whether it’s due to accidental deletion, hardware failure, or unforeseen events, the need for reliable data recovery services becomes paramount.

As a leading data recovery service provider in Dubai, we understand the significance of recovering invaluable information. However, determining the cost of data recovery involves a nuanced evaluation, taking into account various factors that contribute to the complexity of the retrieval process.


Factors Influencing Data Recovery Prices:

1. Nature of Data Loss:

The first and foremost consideration in establishing data recovery prices is the nature of data loss. Different scenarios, such as accidental deletion, formatting errors, or even malicious attacks, necessitate distinct approaches for recovery. The intricacy of retrieving data from various situations directly influences the overall cost.

2. Extent of Damage:

The degree of damage incurred by the storage media is a critical determinant of the recovery process.

Whether it’s a physically damaged hard drive, a malfunctioning solid-state drive (SSD), or a corrupted external storage device, the severity of the damage significantly impacts the resources and expertise required for successful data retrieval.

3. Type of Device:

Data recovery extends beyond traditional hard drives to encompass a diverse range of storage devices, including SSDs, USB drives, memory cards, and more. Each device presents its unique set of challenges and necessitates specialized techniques. Consequently, the type of device involved plays a crucial role in shaping the overall pricing structure.

In our commitment to transparency, we believe in providing our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing data recovery prices. This overview serves as a precursor to our detailed pricing list, where you will find a breakdown of costs tailored to specific scenarios and requirements. At HDD Data Recovery Center Dubai, we prioritize delivering efficient and reliable data recovery services to ensure the swift restoration of your invaluable information.

HDD Data Recovery Center Dubai Pricing

Software Problem    (logical, deleted, partition damage, partition corrupted)

550 AED

Printed Circuit Board Problem 

800 AED

Heads Damage Related Issue

900 AED to 1100 AED

Heads Stuck Issue

550 AED to 1050 AED

Motor Problem Hard Drive

1200 AED

Bad Sectors Issue

550 AED to 950 AED

Firmware Issue

600 AED

SSD Data Recovery Logical Problem

700 AED

SSD Physical Data Recovery Problem

950 AED to 1450 AED

Raid Data Recovery Logical Problem

900 AED

Raid Physical Data Recovery Charges Starts From

1800 AED

USB Data Recovery Charges Logical Issue

600 AED

Phone Data Recovery Starts From

450 AED

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