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Laptop File Restoration

Laptop File Restoration

Provides excellent file restoration services for major or minor files losses for your laptops. We can restore files from Laptop hard disks which cannot be mounted or repaired by disk utility in laptop OS.

Mobile Files Recovery

Mobile Files Restoration

Smartphones hold many important files about every aspect of our lives from photos and videos to messages from an extensive contact list. We have a high success rate in recovering files from Phones.

CCTV Footage Recovery

CCTV Files Restoration

We recover CCTV video recordings from physically damaged hardware. Also. our experts can restore files from common problems such as accidental deletion or formatted storage devices.

NAS Network Drive

NAS Network Drive

Our team is proficient in complex tasks like Network Attached Storage (NAS) file recovery services. We can retrieve your files that is lost due to mechanical, electronic, and logical failures.

Memory Card files Restoration

Memory Card file Restoration

Sometimes due to technical errors, memory cards may get damaged and the data stored will be lost. Our team can help you to restore deleted pictures and videos from SD cards & memory cards.

Flash Drive Restoration

Flash Drive Restoration

Portable or external flash drives are very commonly used by many people for different applications. If you have lost critical files on your USB flash drive, our expert team provides cutting-edge flash drive restoration services.

SSD Files Restoration

SSD Files Restoration

SSDs are being popular due to their best performance and reliable usage. But the drive is also prone to have errors due to over-voltage, electrical shock, electronic component wear, and tear, etc. Our experts can safely restore files from SSDs.

HDD Files Restoration

HDD Files Restoration

We are an industry leader in HDD files restoration in Dubai, UAE. Our experts’ proficiency in state-of-the-art tools and technologies to restore your files from any type of failed hard drive.

Recover Your Important Files

We recover files from damaged or faulty HDDs, SSDs, NAS network drives, USB flash drives, and Smartphones.

About us

Get Reliable Files Restoration in Dubai

HDD Recovery Center is one of the fast-growing professional file recovery companies in Dubai, UAE. We provide fast, reliable, affordable, and professional files restoration services in Dubai for individuals and businesses.

Our experts have broad experience in working with all types of storage media. We have a high success rate in recovering files. Our costs are transparent and you are informed during each stage of the recovery. Confidentiality and privacy of your files are guaranteed. By choosing HDD Restoration Center to restore your photos, videos, and other personal and work files, you will get the most reliable service. We use the most advanced file restoratation tools to deliver you the best chance of getting your files back in perfect condition.

Why Choose us

We stand for fast, professional, and cost-effective files restoration services. By adopting the latest technologies and methods, we achieved a higher success rate in files restoration. Our extensive experience in the field provides you with the maximum chance of retrieving your files. The professional team will communicate the type of problem, files restoration accuracy, time requirement, cost of project, etc., during initial files analysis and consultation.

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What Our Client Says

William Jacob United Arab Emirates

A month ago, my external hard drive was dropped and did not turn on. Many of my work-related files were on that hard drive. HDD Restoration Center helped me to restore my files. I’m truly grateful for their services.

Abdul Wahab Dubai

A massive power surge in our building caused all the onsite backups of CCTV footage to get damaged. Luckily this agency restored all the files. Thanks guys!!!

Michael Alexander United Arab Emirates

HDD Recovery Center recovered all my precious childhood photos and videos from a damaged hard drive. I would highly recommend this agency.

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