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Top 3 Ways to Recover Deleted Files (2023)

Do you want to recover deleted files?

Unforgettable situations can arise when files are accidentally erased. There can be a situation where you need to recover an earlier draft or version of a file, even if it was deleted intentionally. Fortunately, there are numerous free and affordable methods available for recovering deleted files from your computer. These are the top four techniques for recovering deleted files.

1. Check Your Recycle Bin

If you have deleted your file recently i.e., less than 30 days. Then you will find your deleted file in the recycle bin. 

Go to Recycle bin and sort the files as per your requirement (whether by name or date), then find the file. 

how to recover deleted files

After finding the file, click on the restore. Then your deleted file will be restored to its original location. 

If you don’t know the file’s original location, click the Windows button and search for the file with the filename. This will search your whole computer. By this, you can recover your deleted file. 

2. Use a Data Recovery Software:

If you are not able to restore your deleted files from the above methods, then there are Software developed by the software developers to recover your deleted files. 

a. Windows File Recovery:

Windows File Recovery is a free data recovery software in Microsoft stores. You can download it, to recover your recently deleted files. 

In Windows File Recovery, there are 2 recovery modes: Regular and Extensive

In regular mode, you can recover recently deleted files whereas extensive mode looks for corrupted or files which are deleted a long time ago. 

Note: Using Proper mode is very important. 

b. EaseUS Data Recovery Software:

EaseUS has been a reliable name in the data Recovery industry for 20 years. 

EaseUS supports both PC and mobile devices. It is also available for both PC and MAC. 

It has both free and Paid versions. The free version can recover data up to 2 GB. It also allows you to Preview files before recovering them. By this, you can recover the desired data. 

c. Recuva Data Recovery Software:

Recuva is also a Data Recovery Software which is both Free and Paid. 

In the free version, Recuva can perform advanced file recovery. But it won’t give you virtual hard drive support, automatic updates, premium support etc. 

According to pcmag, Recuva can recover 2/3rd of your deleted files.

d. Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the best data Recovery software available. In its free version, stellar allows you to recover up to 1 GB of your lost data. 

3. Get a Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery service providers have a team of experienced engineers. So when it comes to your precious lost data, instead of DIY, you should consult any data Recovery service provider. You can ask your friends for any data Recovery service provider if they know. Or you can Google it and read the reviews and ratings and Contact them. 

Consulting a Data Recovery service is the safest path to recover your lost data. 

HDD Data Recovery Center Dubai provides professional data Recovery Services in Dubai and throughout the UAE. If you are in UAE, then you can contact us. We recovered data for thousands of customers, and you can read Google Reviews before contacting us.


For all types of businesses, it is good to have a data Recovery plan for any accidental loss of Data. As a company, the data is important for many reasons. So in this Digital age, we should have a backup and data Recovery plan for any accidental deletion of data. 

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